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It has always amazed me the way people choose their mode of transportation.

People walk or run for a variety reasons from achieving a destination while exercising to lack of wheels with no other choice.  Some people ride bikes or skateboards.  But let’s face it, the vast majority use a motorized vehicle of some sort.

I have a minivan.  I bought it years ago, used.  It was in fantastic condition.  I had had one years before that, also used that was great.  That’s why I wanted another one.  My 1981 Impala had been stolen and so-called totaled.  I still say they could have fixed it!

The minivan was not and is not my first choice for a vehicle.  It was chosen as a compromise.  I wanted something big enough to carry everything I wanted, be comfortable on trips, have room for my dogs, and yet small enough to be economical.  I also wanted something that would not make my insurance payments go through the roof.

If the previous owner not traded on that particular day, then I wouldn’t have the minivan I have.  I got it at a bargain price.  The dealer sold it to me for the same amount that they had given in trade in value, when the preacher traded it in for something else.  I Blue Booked it afterward and learned they could have sold it for almost $10,000 more!

It was up-to-date for its time.  It has an AM/FM/CD player in it.  What else could anyone want? It has 4 ‘captain’ chairs and 1 bench seat, and they are all interchangeable.  I thought I had bought the dream.  And now almost 10 years later…I KNOW I have the dream.

This minivan has taken me to work and shopping; out to eat with friends; out to the movies with my nieces and nephews; on vacations; to trips to my mom’s and sisters’ home; and most importantly, my home.

I have had to have some work on this dream vehicle.  A tie rod here, a battery there, a water pump, a filter, and of course, the usual maintenance.  In talking to its most recent mechanic, I have learned that this make/model is one of the best ever made.  (It is no longer made.)  Its weak point is the intake manifold.  And tomorrow, my van will have its intake manifold replaced.  Along with some other things checked and replaced/repaired.

I was keep thinking about trading it in, because it still has a good Blue Book value.  But I just can’t seem to get serious about it.  It was hit by a log truck, and protected me.  It performed 360’s on the ice landing in a ditch, and still ran like nothing happened.  It holds so many memories!  It has lasted longer than 3 boyfriends.  And it still gets 27-28 mpg!

And so I think that after this trip to the hospital and a possible second trip for a gas guage/tank/module, I think I am going to have to update the stereo system.   I think that’s all it needs.

Let the Dream keep running….and I’ll keep singing that song by Willie: On the Road Again….



I read an article today….and i just had to think…what is wrong with adults and parents today???

The government has approved microchipping kids today so that we know where they are and what they are presumably doing there.  Is that like advertizing to paedophiles?  Hey my kid is at the zoo…go for it!  How ridiculous!

Maybe I am just too old, but what happened to parents being with their kids?  Or parents knowing who their children are with?  We act like kids are property that we don’t worry about.  I bet you know where your car is.  Or your boat.  I bet you even know where your favorite piece of jewelry is.  So why don’t we know how to track our children without relying on technology?

What is really scary is that the FDA has approved them.  Just like all the other medicines that are being recalled for causing some horrific side effect that was kept quiet until it couldn’t be anymore.

I almost understand tracking pets, and even that is not as safe as some would like you to believe.   But does that mean that our children are pets?

I see these microchips as just the beginning of ‘the mark of the beast’ that is talked about in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible.  OK, fine, yes I am a Christian who believes that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God.  Too much of it is true for me to doubt that the rest is also true and has or will happen.

Are you going to line up to get microchipped?  If they are starting in kids, don’t you think they will soon get to adults?  Soon granny can be watched on the Internet with excuses like, she has Alzheimer’s.  Or maybe we can track grandpa as he goes shopping to get groceries.  Or perhaps we can microchip our significant others to make sure they aren’t stepping out on us.   I’m sure if we think hard enough we can come up with hundreds of reasons to track others.

But do we ourselves want to be tracked?  Do you want others knowing that you went to the woods for a walk when you should be somewhere else?  Do you want your boss to be able to track you when you called out sick because you really wanted to go to the ballgame?  Do you want to give up that privacy?

I don’t.  And I don’t trust the government or anyone to track me out of the goodness of their hearts.  I’m telling you…there is a reason they want to know our every movement.  And it only starts with pets, children and soon you!


Fat, Large, Heavy, Overweight, XXXL……..People


OK I’ll face the fact that I am fat.  You might say large, heavy, overweight,  obese, mocher-sized, even fluffy.

It just pisses me off that talking heads and even medical personnel can talk about an ‘epidemic’ in America of obesity in children, people, adults.  (Aren’t we all people?)

The last I heard, epidemics are when someone has a disease or condition that can be given to another, such as measles, mumps, influenza.  Thanks to immunizations and better hygiene, we have kept such diseases to a minimum death risk.  We disinfect everything in sight (maybe even to our detriment–that’s for another day, another blog) and try to avoid those who are contagious.

But obesity is not a #1 killer of any age group.  It is a condition and possibly a commentary on today’s society.  You cannot catch ‘fatness’ from another person.  You cannot give obesity to another person.  You cannot immunize against being large.

And so I am just plumb tired of hearing about this so-called epidemic.  They talk about it as though we must lock ourselves into underground bunkers and stock up on alcohol and peroxide to avoid catching this deadly disease.

We make fun of fat people–in magazines, on TV, in conversations, on the radio.  We say, in our tones that we who are larger are to be despised, loathed, or ignored.  That we “just don’t measure up”.

Ironically, according to the government, unless you are skin and bone, you are something of a problem to them.  They want to legislate food in every place on the planet…how much you can/should eat, where to eat, how to eat it,  and what you can eat.

It is also the government that has decided that children need to learn about computers in pre-school and kindergarten.  Homework should be on computers–save a tree, blah blah.  They have decided that our children aren’t learning anything, so they issue more homework.  But they want kids to get out and play for an hour.   They have determined that kids need more sleep.

So let’s recap so far: they should study longer, use computers, play for at least an hour, and sleep more, and eat appropriately.

When are kids supposed to socialize?  (or is that when they catch obesity?)  We want our kids to use computers that require signals and connections to electricity and the internet.   Then when they are on their computers, we tell them to get off and do something.  We have our kids so over-scheduled, they don’t have time to just be themselves.  And I think that between the sports, the computers, the school, the jobs, the homework, the rehearsals, and the other multiple things kids are supposed to do, that eating and being a child must suffer.

And that doesn’t even include the children and adults who eat just because they enjoy it.  Or eat out of emotions.  Or eat because they don’t know when they will eat again.

And as one of the aforementioned fat kids, I can tell you that eating made up for a lot of things.  I didn’t have friends, but I had Little Debbie.  I was thin until the kids at school changed my name to ‘it’.  I was made fun of, I was teased, I was told I couldn’t do anything.  And that was when I was thin!

But I digress.  I just want to know 1 thing: when did society make it ok to laugh at fat people? We think it gouache to make fun of those that are mentally or physically disabled.  We think it gouache to make jokes about those of other cultures, heritages, etc.

And so those in media have decided that somehow fat people should be the next to be made fun of, to be joked about, to be the fops of this generation.

Science has even proved that those with a little extra weight are actually healthier.  Government says wants to track those with a BMI too high …what about those who are anorexic?  Do they not use the same doctors, hospitals and medical resources that fat people do?  Or so-called “normal” people?  (which begs the question: if normal is the average of any population; and if the average of that population is overweight….then aren’t fat people “normal”? )

Hard to believe that us overweight people actually work, pay taxes, shop, and contribute to society.  We know how to help the economy, raise a family, teach in schools, socialize and be an asset to our families, communities and our country.

We are also loyal to our friends and family.  We know what we have and how fragile it is to lose.  So we actually work harder to keep what we have.  We pay extra for what we have…the airplane seat, the larger chair, the more comfortable clothes.

But is any of this a reason to make jokes about us?

People don’t like to touch us…thinking they might catch something I suppose.  They don’t want to have a real conversation, unless they need something from us.  Men think that fat women are “easier” so they prey on them for fast action without the strings.  (Our money and time is good, but not our commitment and hearts.)  And the few men that enjoy and desire a relationship with us, are called names like “chubby-chaser” and “loser”.

I am also amazed at some of the things I’ve been told by doctors.  Did you know that influenza is caused by obesity?  Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are caused by obesity?  Yes, I was told that I wouldn’t have caught the flu if I wasn’t obese.  And when a rented truck hit my car, it was because I was overweight.  It’s amazing that I’m allowed to live!

Fat people aren’t looking for approval or permission.  Just like everybody else in this world, we are just looking for friendship and a place in this world.

I’m blessed….I have a man that loves me and supports me.  Who doesn’t care if I’m big and beautiful or thin and twiggy, as long as I love him back.

So if this makes any sense…I’m surprised.  But essentially I just wanted to know why it’s ok to make fun of fat people.




well, i’ve turned 50 and i’ve decided to start sharing thoughts …wild, crazy, nonsensical, and yet mine nonetheless.

I want this blog to just be about what’s on my mind as i go about my life.  politics. games. sports. trips. romance. relationships. health. whatever.

so we’ll see how this goes.  who knows, i just might learn something from all this.   so if you want to comment or suggest, go for it.



and here i am….at 50

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