the Chevy Volt, Solyndra, and all the others


The era of bailouts….the American taxpayer has bailed out so many of Obama’s friends and cohorts, it’s no longer healthy for America.   We have become a toxic bank to the Obama cronies.

They cry that they are for the poor and disenchanted whilst taking funding and favors from those they consider rich…insert Republican…and give it to failing Obama enterprises.

Obama gave our paychecks to force Chevy to put their prototype, the Volt, into production.  The Volt was never meant to be put on the road this soon.   This so called energy saving car using electricity can barely go 26 miles without dying out and needing that which Obama wants to force us to stop using, gasoline.   So he wants us to use electricity…which needs sources such as coal to create.  And yet he has demanded more regulations–costing more money on coal producers– be placed so that the cost of that electricity is more expensive.

And then there is Solyndra who received hundreds of thousands of dollars of us working people’s money—all the time knowing that it was a failing business that would fail.  They ignored the former (Republican) President’s administration’s decision of not lending any money to them.  But then again, Solyndra gave money to Obama–so it was probably a favor returned.  Then Solyndra gave bonuses to their bigwigs and filed bankruptcy.

There have been banks and other so-called ‘green’ companies that Obama has helped by digging into our pocketbooks.  And most have closed their doors after getting their ‘fair share’.  Yes, Obama is all about being fair.  As long as you are Democrat, think he is some sort of a god,  and have drank from his poisoned well of words.

And the list goes on.  It’s like Obama and his cronies fail at business.  And we have more proof everyday that Obama fails as a representative of the USA.  Bowing to foreign leaders, apologizing for being American, showing disrespect to our flag, and most importantly, stating in his book his disdain for whites when Europeans are the majority of this country.

He has placed more regulations and taken more money out of the hands of working Americans since the Great Depression.   More Americans are out of work and needing jobs.  But companies can’t hire when they are now putting money that should be for salaries into more permits and more regulation compliance.

So what is Obama going to do when there are no more working Americans to take money from?  Where will he get his money to pay out to his cronies?  Where will he get his money for his version of healthcare….that everyone but politicos will be forced to have?

Yes, Obama is the Green President…he needs OUR green for his projects.   He needs OUR green for his cronies.  He needs OUR green for his failed poor excuse of a presidency.

We need a President….not a wannabe.  We need a leader, not an apologizer.  We need stability, not whims.  We need a hand up….not a handout!  We need ________________, not Obama!




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