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ImageMoms….especially mine

Fifty years ago today, my mother celebrated her 1st Mother’s Day.

I was 8 months old and still needed to be carried and fed and changed.  I was a babbling baby

of needs and wants.  And she was pregnant with my sister.

By the next Mother’s Day, i was a walking, talking toddler with a baby sister who needed

all the attention of being carried and fed and changed.

Many Mother’s Days have come and gone since then.  In total my mother had 4 children,

of which, i am the oldest.

Mom saw us through childhood shots and diseases, broken bones, scrapes, bruises and boo-boos.

She saw us through kindergarten, grade schools, high schools, colleges, and/or tech schools.

She dressed us for church, for school, and for graduations.

She fed us, our friends, and planned parties for celebrations.

She baked for birthdays, Christmases and bake sales.

She taught us to cook, to clean, to think, and to imagine.

She became a Camp Fire Girl leader.

She sewed clothes and costumes, and made impromptu instruments.

She played piano for us to sing or dance to.

She taught us Catholic catechism.

She helped with homework.

She read us books.

She took us shopping.

She taught us how to love and how to forgive.

She taught us the values of family and friendship.

And in time, she saw us through boyfriends and dating.

And then, of course, weddings and pregnancies and miscarriages.

She was there for births, first baths and all the firsts for not only her daughter as mother,

but for her grandchildren’s firsts.

And in all these things, she talked with us.  She was part of our lives.

She instilled values and morals in us to guide us throughout our lives–

whether she was there or not.

As I have told many people throughout my adult life:

My mother raised 4 very independent strong women.

And she is grandmother to 27 men and women, boys and girls.

So today, on Mother’s Day 2012, as my mother celebrates her 50th Mother’s Day–

I want to say, thank you Mom.

For everything you have done,

and all you still do

for your girls,

for your family

Thank You!

and most importantly,

I love you!

God bless and keep you always!