Today we once again celebrate the beginning of our country….the day we told England that we would no longer be ruled by them.  We told them we wanted to be free to rule ourselves, to have true representation and to decide our own destiny.

And so our forefathers wrote a paper explaining in no uncertain terms that we were all created equal, that we had the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We celebrate with fireworks, get togethers, and other festivities that promote family, friendships, and country.  We thank our military and hold parades to remember our victory after what became known as the Revolutionary War or the War for Freedom.


We celebrate those that have fought to retain and keep our freedoms….and we celebrate ourselves.  We celebrate our daily struggles to find our freedom.  Living in this society today, 200 plus years from that day when our American ancestors said, “Enough!” we have our own system of twisted laws and taxes, fines and penalties, and all those things that we fought against all those years ago.

Our flag has grown from 13 stars to 50 and could grow again.  Our country has grown from importer to exporter.  Commerce, trade, industry, business of all sorts have supported us, enriched us and pushed us into more productive citizens.

But citizenship is more than just what we can take from this country.  It entails knowing the heartbeat of the country, the bounty that it gives and the lessons it takes out of each of us. Citizenship also requires us to know what our country stands for and to defend its rights and freedoms, to share ideas and to vote for our representatives.  Freedom is not free—-it requires our dues in the voting booth, in the newspapers and in our hearts and minds.  Freedom requires that we be alert and attentive to our surroundings, and the world around us.  Freedom….to live and be who we want to be!

Our country has cultures, ideas, inventions, faiths, and ingenuity from every latitude and longitude of this planet.  We are all blended together into on nation with the hopes and dreams birthed on that day in July, 1776.


And so on this day of celebration…take time to think of the real United States of America.  Think of the people, the land, the dreams, and the future that we, the current citizens, can bring about.

Enjoy your day….and remember to thank God for blessing this country with all it has to give!  Let freedom ring!!


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