Pride and Respect


It has begun to really bother me the lack of respect and lack of pride people are giving and showing these days.  And it is not just in the younger crowd, but in generations from young to old alike.

We’ve lost our manners.  Instead of, “excuse me” we hear silence or see angry looks.  This is disrespectful of others…and more importantly disrespectful of self. It’s as though we think we are the only person on the planet of some self importance and that no one else matters.

We don’t seem to care about our responsibilities, our jobs, our families, or ourselves.

More and more I see people who decide that they need to play at work more than do their jobs.  Or they can’t handle their job duties, so they cry until the boss splits their work up amongst everyone else.  Where is the respect in self to do your job?  Where is your respect for others is not making everyone else do what you are being paid to do?  How can you take pride and gain self-esteem in knowing you can’t or won’t take responsibility for yourself and your obligations?

That goes for deadbeat parents who don’t take care of their children.  No I am not talking about those parents who do their best and just can’t make ends meet, I’m talking about those parents who work and have the money but choose not to fulfill their parental obligations.  Not just in money but in time, energy and emotional support….those things that don’t cost money, but take humanity.  Apes take better care of their children than some humans.

I’m tired of seeing people who are at dinner at what looks like a date, yet one is punching away on their phone texting or on the phone ignoring their date.

Or worse, a doctor who takes personal calls while seeing a patient.  Emergencies one could understand, but a personal call is almost the epitome of rudeness in a business that is supposed to be one on one and personal.

It seems that no one wants to do it right the first time, they’d rather do it partially and not care that someone else will probably have to fix it.  They don’t care about what others might think or need.  Instead of being the best at what they are doing, they’d rather be mediocre.

Could it be because of the liberal push that everyone wins and grades might hurt egos?  Are these thoughts of everyone wins and nobody loses causing us to be a mediocre society?  Even our President seems to want to equalize everyone with money and benefits where no one will want to work and support all the freeloaders of society.

I, for one, am tired of the inhumanity of ambivalence.  We don’t seem to really see the people around us.  We don’t think about taking am minute and showing a little human kindness now and again or a little respect for those around us.

Respect goes a long way in being civil.  So put the phones down and talk to each other.  Do your job and do it to the best of your ability.

And you will be happy when you hear: ‘Job well done!’




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