New Product in my Life


Working for a physician today requires most personnel to be computer literate and have a few ounces of common sense.  And if you are the office manager, you just about need an IT degree to keep everything flowing and working correctly.

Using Electronic Health Records requires scanning capabilities…and so as the office manager, I finally was able to order a scanner for my office.

Oh what fun I’ve had scanning to patient charts!  And then I was shown how I could scan documents and other pages that I save to email–such as contracts, agreements, certificates, and other documents.

The problem became multi-page documents that scanned in as .tif or .jpg formats instead of the preferred .pdf format.  Searching for a program that could help me proved unfruitful until today!

Today I found a website that offered a simple, easy to use program that allows you to ‘build’ a .pdf document from .tif or .jpg formats that are already saved on your system or from scanning from your scanner.  This has changed everything!

The program is offers a free trial version and is just one of many products offered at a reasonable cost at:

I was ecstatic when the download was fast and easy; with a very user friendly interface that was simple to understand and use.  I was up and running in just minutes testing out previously scanned .tif formatted files and then scanning in new ones.  Simple, quick, and clean formatted documents.

I am excited that I finally have a program that I can finally use to save documents to my computer and not have to fill up my filing cabinet past overflowing.

So, if you are looking for an easy to use, quick to learn program (with video if you need it!!) then check out Affordable PDF and their products!


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