Catholics and Obama


I cannot understand how those who profess Catholicism can vote for a man who supports abortions, demands abortions, and forces other Catholics to supply abortions.

I cannot understand how those who profess to be pro-Life can support a man who wants to do anything other than preserve life.

I was born Catholic, raised Catholic, educated Catholic…and yet no longer profess Catholicism as my religion.  But I still agree with many of the things I learned—but then again those are the same things that fall under 10 simple Commandments.  Not suggestions.  Not good ideas.  Commands.  And one of those is “do not murder”.

The Bible declares frequently that God knew us before we were born; that God formed us in the womb; that put the muscle and sinew that formed our bones and body.  God does not make mistakes.  You might not agree with his decisions, but He does not make mistakes.

And so I was shocked and appalled that many of my extended family members are voting the Democrat, Barrack Hussein Obama, simply because of their Union’s decision to support him.

I am told I’m racist because I didn’t vote for him, won’t vote him and hope he goes home to Kenya.  I vote issues.  I am against his foreign policy.  I am against his domestic policy.  I am against his Executive orders.  I am against his idea of healthcare.  I am against his ideas of ‘redistribution of wealth’.  I am against him on almost any issue he speaks about.

Personally I think anyone who votes for him solely because he is black (….actually mulatto!) is racist.  Or maybe they are voting for the phones and welfare packages he wants to expand.

And no one seems to understand the freedoms they are going to lose after the election.  He already has instituted laws through Executive Orders to take over every aspect of American lives, from the Internet to electricity, phones, gas, water, housing, and anything else he wants control of.  Americans are being arrested for speaking against him now, imagine what it will be like in a 2nd term.

And I’d bet that I’ll be on a black list somewhere for using my freedom of speech here in this blog.
Do not assume that I am voting for Romney because I agree with all of his ideas.  It is more like he has the best chance of all other parties running for President to beat Obama.  And I think he has a better grasp of how to help America remain free and secure.

And it is because of family members like mine, who claim Catholicism and yet vote against very basic moral issues the Church supports, that made me decide to leave the Catholic Church.  I have a Christian faith, not a religion.  I have my own set of morals.  And I have a God that will judge me on the great Judgement Day.

Until then….I will not vote for Obama.  Nor Biden.


Here is a little video I found that gives 5 more reasons why I won’t……



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  1. There are valid reasons to vote for Obama. Some people feel that 44 of of 44 Presidents being of one ethnic class and one gender is annoying. Nearly every other advanced nation on earth has had a woman leader (Queens, Prime Ministers etc.) Some people just voted for a change. Kinda of like supporting the Asian guy in the NBA or the black guy in NASCAR, or the white guy in Rap. We are a nation that loves the underdog. Also if you listen to what Obama promised, then if he had done that, we would not have been in such dire straights. If he had done what he promised, cut the deficit in half and all of that, he would be sailing to a second term. Now many people realized he was a person who wanted to use the government to “make things right.” Others did not.

    Some people do like his domestic polices. Some people feel that his domestic polices are better than the other guys. Some people believe in taking from their neighbors when they “need” it. Some people just didn’t like McCain, and could not stand Palin.

    There are valid reasons to vote for Obama, we do ourselves a disservice when we don’t admit that, I don’t vote for him for equally valid reasons.

    Alex Bard of the American Redoubt.

    • I wouldn’t mind a black president who had morals and ideas I agreed with. I could care less if the President of the USA was male, female, black, yellow, green, purple or blue. I just want one with morals and ideas that promoted the USA instead of denigrating it at every turn.

      But then maybe you are sure you won’t get cancer and be denied treatment when you don’t have any choices in insurance or payment. Maybe you don’t care if the government has the authority to clean out your bank account. Or a President that bypasses government to make themselves like a king and have the ability to overtake every aspect of our civilian life.

      I do care…and so I will promote anyone other than Obama and his cronies.

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