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Dear Mr President…


Dear Mr  President,
The terrorists are on the run…why aren’t we following them to stop them??  And it seems that they are after us…still.  So you’re tired of fighting them?  So you are packing up your little marbles and going home??? If you weren’t so worried about campaigns and bs, maybe you could protect our butts.  Be a leader not a coward.  You were told they would follow if we left Iraq…and now we are on the run and closing embassies.


What a freaking coward!!! Stand up! Be a leader.  Stop worrying about your agenda and fight for our freedom. 

But wait.  Hold the front door.  These are your friends…the radical Islamists who want us dead. Your brothers. Your people. You want to use you unaffordable nothing to do with care health act which you are immune to in order to give us a death sentence while they use bombs, planes and other acts of terror.

Maybe you need to listen to your people.  Just because you are tired of fighting for what America should be doesn’t mean we are. Maybe you just need a refresher in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Maybe you need to be a grunt on boot camp so you can understand the military you purport to lead.  Maybe you need to lose a meal a day while you fight a war like our soldiers abroad. 

Or maybe we need to find a need a new president……