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the Breakup +1 year


It’s been over a year now.  Holidays, days off and all the days of doing fun things as a couple are over.  

We still seem to do things…but it’s more like friends.  Which is still good…or at least it was until about 2 months ago.  He called to let me know a friend of his from the online game we used to play was in town and would be coming over.  Of course friend of his turned out to be actually new girlfriend.

Wendy is married to an older man and they have 6 kids.  yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah.  whatever.  She talked like a crazy person and all I could think of was, “wow, it’s true!  they say every man looks for his mom in a partner and he found her!”  I mean seriously, I’m not a big catch but I don’t cheat ….unlike these 2.  Perhaps they are made for each other!  

Things really  hadn’t changed until she entered his life.  And maybe it’s a good thing.  He took OUR car and disappeared for a day to go visit her in Oklahoma.  I wasn’t mad he went…i was mad he didn’t tell me he was taking the car,  That left me stranded.  And that’s when I decided he had to go.  I told him he had to move out.  He argued that I couldn’t kick him out of MY house.  He told me I couldn’t change the locks.  He told me bullshit!

I saw a lawyer and made a plan.  He can pay me to stay in the house, or he can leave.  He can sign a note that he promises to pay me the $14.500 he owes me for the credit cards and the car.  

Yes the car.  We owed $5000 on it and he decided that I had to get his name off of it.  Meanwhile, he went out and bought a brand new car.  He opened up a bank account somewhere else.  He decided that he owed me nothing.

So I ended up getting a newer (used) car and had to roll the OUR car’s payoff into my loan.  Thank God for letting me be able to get a vehicle with almost identical payments so it doesn’t kill my budget.

 I love him, but he is killing me.  So he has to go.  I love having him around.  I love him for taking care of my electronics.  But hi am tired of the bullshit.  I’m tired of the taking me for granted and thinking he owes me nothing.

He says he’ll pay me once he gets settled.  He is paying me weekly to stay here.  But nothing on the debt.  

And I am starting to take my life back.  I am slowly starting to go places alone again.  I’m rethinking my house and what I like and don’t like.  I am trying to enjoy my life again.

I’m working and reworking a budget I can live by and pay off things.  I’m trying to use cash more and not use credit cards at all.  

It saddens me that Bill joins the list of those that I used to love.  And to think all I wanted was for him to marry me.  So I think it worked out for the best.  I need someone who can commit and be loyal to our relationship–and he’s not able to do either.  I am free.  Free to live my life.  

And by the grace of God and the strength He gives me…I know I’ll make it.  I’ll have my tears and fears, but they will turn to joy and confidence.  


Dear Mr President…


Dear Mr  President,
The terrorists are on the run…why aren’t we following them to stop them??  And it seems that they are after us…still.  So you’re tired of fighting them?  So you are packing up your little marbles and going home??? If you weren’t so worried about campaigns and bs, maybe you could protect our butts.  Be a leader not a coward.  You were told they would follow if we left Iraq…and now we are on the run and closing embassies.


What a freaking coward!!! Stand up! Be a leader.  Stop worrying about your agenda and fight for our freedom. 

But wait.  Hold the front door.  These are your friends…the radical Islamists who want us dead. Your brothers. Your people. You want to use you unaffordable nothing to do with care health act which you are immune to in order to give us a death sentence while they use bombs, planes and other acts of terror.

Maybe you need to listen to your people.  Just because you are tired of fighting for what America should be doesn’t mean we are. Maybe you just need a refresher in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Maybe you need to be a grunt on boot camp so you can understand the military you purport to lead.  Maybe you need to lose a meal a day while you fight a war like our soldiers abroad. 

Or maybe we need to find a need a new president……

Regrets…I have a few (ok, maybe more than a few)


We have all done things in our lives that we rethink or look back and think, “gee, I could’ve” or “hmmmm, maybe i should’ve…”

The fact is as we get older we think of things we could’ve or should’ve done differently or better.  And usually we can forgive ourselves, change and move on.  But sometimes, there are those things that just fly up out of nowhere into our memories.  We dwell on them.  We again rethink them …..for the hundredth or thousandth time.  They just seem to haunt us….over and over.

So this time, I’m gonna just put it out there.  And hopefully this will quell this memory to stay where it belongs, a regret that I cannot change and that I truly wish I could make right….even after 33 years.

Back in high school, I met another student who I considered a friend.  I had taken choir (oh why did I do that!….like I could sing!)  But I loved the class–it was one of the few that had members from every class, freshmen to seniors.  It had the smart kids, the singers, athletes, and those just needing a class without homework. 

This student, Theresa, was in this class, and like me, an alto.  She had a strong sense of tone and I always seemed to be flat unless she was in my left ear.  So we made a deal that she’d always sit on my left side.  She also convinced me to join the smaller choir group that was limited to only about 15 students.  It was not a class, was not extra credit, just an extracurricular group that went to nursing homes during special seasons and competitions as a group. 

Theresa was a year ahead of me and was also in the ‘theatre’ group.  She was a performer, I was usually on the tech crew or box office.  And I admired her.  I came from what was (and is) considered a big family of 4 girls.  She came from a family of, I think, 7 kids. 

One cold November day, I saw Theresa coming out of one of the buildings as I was going in.  She had on a greenish coat with a fur collar.  It was a beautiful coat…and I truly liked it.  And I told her so.

She mistook my genuine comment as a cutting remark as she responded with, “It’s my mother’s coat! And I can’t believe you of all people would say something like that!” And something about money being tight.  I didn’t know their family had problems until that moment…and it didn’t matter.  I really liked that coat.  It was green…something different!  And I like things that are a little different. 

I tried to go after her, but she turned and told me not to follow her.  For the rest of the year, she avoided me.  She graduated and moved on with her life.  And to this day I still try to find her online–on the high school site, on Facebook (isn’t everyone there????), on MySpace, and just Google-ing her.  Because to this day is pains me that this was not settled all those years ago. 

It was not a put down….it was an honest comment.  And she looked good in that coat.  And yes, I know, it was just a coat.  And I have come up with hundreds of reasons of why ideas for her misunderstanding.  But none of that matters.  What matters is, I lost a friend.  Someone I valued and enjoyed being around.

I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school.  I was pretty much a loner, not always by choice.  I was in the Drama Club, I was in Girls Athletic Association, I was the manager of the basketball team and the Volleyball team (lettering in both!). I was in the Christian Life Community–going to Chronic Hospital once a month to entertain and to be part of a Mass for the residents.  I was part of organizations that fed into my interests, my beliefs, and who rounded out my persona.  And yet, I had no 1 group of friends or even 1 close friend.  But I had many that I enjoyed being with and participated in many activities with them.

So if anyone knows Theresa—or someone like her—let them know that they are still thought of. 

And of course, there are other regrets.  Such as, should i have tried to dated sooner?  Should I have tried harder to be whatever the men were looking for back then?  Should I have stayed in Florida when I left my job there or should I have gone home to Missouri like I did? 

OH the ‘what-if’s of life!  Was I right to move to where I am and buy a house?  Or should I have looked harder for a house to rent?

And now I am 50…and I say, right or wrong, good or bad….my life is my life.  I have a wonderful man in my life.  I have a wonderful house that is becoming a home….just need to get out of rent mode and start hanging pictures!  I have 3 dogs that love me and who make me laugh. 

And Theresa…if you read this….please know that I would never have ever intentionally hurt you emotionally like that.  I really did like that coat.  My mother had one like it in boring beige. 




The day we celebrate the Risen Messiah…the Light of the World who died on a wooden cross and who was raised up on the third day.

It is celebrated in the midst of springtime…when the earth is renewing itself once again.  All that had died or hibernated comes to life and the earth is covered in greens and pinks, yellows and purples.

The day is celebrated with friends and family, and with food and fun.  After 6 weeks of reflection and prayer, Christians emerge

to celebrate the miraculous.

And in a way, it is a time that we–those who believe in the Christ, the Risen Lord, renew ourselves.  In many ways, it’s like New Year’s–we have changed.  We have been renewed.  We have been forgiven.  We have been reborn into the heart of God.

We profess our faith…that we believe in the one Lord, the one God.  We profess our belief in the Resurrection.   We thank the Lord for making us joint heirs with his Son to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter.  May the blood of Christ wash away all your sins

and make you white as snow without blemish.

Land of the Drones? and I don’t mean bees……….


The United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave. Has it now become the Land of the Drone?

Drones are worker bees, serving their queen until she died and a new queen would begin her reign. And now our ever so clever Congress has decided that America should have drones of another sort serving her.

Drones: unmanned flying machines that are mainly used for military purposes during war to spy on the enemy and/or to carry attack weapons.
And it seems that the American people need to be spied on under the guise of the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and whatever else they would like to throw into the pot. But the basic premise is to watch the activities of the people of America.

U.S. Skies Could See More Drones discusses the passage of the bill and the response of the pilots and their unions. Can you imagine the possible air collisions due to drones and aircraft?

Do we need more objects flying overhead, especially near busy or congested cities? Is this the next phase in becoming exactly what we despised in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and other communist countries like Cuba, East Germany, etc. We are no longer the Land of the Free—we are the Land of the Watched.

We wouldn’t need drones flying over our borders if we could just hire (what? make jobs available for Americans? wow…that might help the economy, so we can’t have that!) more border patrols. We could actually deport those that arrive illegally.

Why do we need these drones? To check traffic? To give better video to police chases? To be a bigger nuisance in our skies? Perhaps so…but it is still watching Americans. And who will control these flying objects of nuisance? The government.

The same people who are trying to tell us what to eat, what to buy, what to wear, what to drive, what to grow, where to live, how much we should be paid, and run by the very people who put themselves above all of the laws they write. We are forced to be guinea pigs in their social experiments and health advisories, and yet they give themselves the best of the best care while denying it to us. Do you think for one minute that if they or their loved one needed an MRI that they would have to beg the insurance company or the government to let them have one? Hell no!

Do you think that if their child was overweight that that child would be taken away by the courts? Hell no!
Do you think that if they didn’t pay their taxes that they would be fined and penalized? Hell no! (Look at Tim Geitner—he’s in charge and he didn’t pay taxes!)

But I digress. The fact is that Americans are being dumbed down through the school systems and the government is allowing it so that they can continue to take more and more freedoms away from us. We are becoming the socialized societies that control most of Europe and is spreading to other countries around us. Even Canada has socialized medicine.

Drones will be more nanny devices to see who is doing what and where so that laws and information can be formed and gathered to curtail the American people. We the people need to remember to VOTE in and VOTE out those that want to take our liberties away.

One of my biggest questions I had while I read this article was: how much did those Congressmen get in kickbacks for this bill?

I’m beginning to think that when deals like this are made, we the taxpayer should get a portion of that kickback. Instead we just get the bills to pay for it.

I hope the pilots win….afterall they will be the ones blamed when something goes wrong. We already have problems of planes of all shapes and sizes along with helicopters, hot air balloons and other things floating in the air. Not to mention the occasional SkyLab falling or UFO sighting.

I’m all for security….but I do think that drones are not the answer. Too many chances for overstepping personal privacy and spying on innocent Americans.

Light Bulbs…..and Mike Ross


this is a copy of a post I made earlier somewhere else…………and with the response from my Representative, Mike Ross.

Congress flips dimmer switch on light bulb law

APBy MATTHEW DALY | AP – Fri, Dec 16, 2011


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans in Congress are flipping the dimmer switch on a law that sets new energy-savings standards for light bulbs.

They’ve reached a deal to delay until October enforcement of standards that some fear will bring about the end of old-style 100-watt bulbs. GOP lawmakers say they’re trying to head off more government interference in people’s lives.

But environmentalists and the light bulb industry say the move is not too bright.

Language postponing enforcement of the light bulb law — it was set to take effect Jan. 1 — was included in a massive spending bill that funds the government through September. The House passed the measure on Friday, with approval expected Saturday in the Senate.

Rep. Fred Upton, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said the light bulb delay shows Congress is listening to the American people.

“We heard the message loud and clear,” said Upton, R-Mich. “Americans don’t want government standards determining how they light their homes.”

Upton said he was not opposed to the more efficient — and expensive— curlicue fluorescents that have become increasingly familiar in recent years. But he said government should not penalize those who prefer traditional, incandescent bulbs.

“New lighting options are great news for the public, but the lesson is that markets and consumer demand are the best drivers of innovation and new choices,” Upton said.

Sen. Jeff Bingaman, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said the move would have little practical consequence, since it does not affect a 2007 law that requires manufacturers to produce or import more efficient bulbs. The five largest light bulb manufacturers have already switched to making and selling the more efficient bulbs, Bingaman said, so the enforcement delay only serves to confuse the public.

“Blocking funds to enforce minimum standards works against our nation getting the full benefits of energy efficiency,” said Bingaman, D-N.M., a key sponsor of the 2007 law, which was signed by President George W. Bush.

A group representing light bulb manufacturers spoke out against the delay, which applies only to 100-watt bulbs. Tighter standards for 75-watt bulbs take effect in 2013, and lower wattage bulbs must be more efficient by 2014.

“American manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in energy-efficient light bulbs,” said Joseph Higbee, a spokesman for the National Electric Manufacturers Association, which represents 95 percent U.S. light bulb makers.

Delaying enforcement of the standards “undermines those investments and creates regulatory uncertainty and consumer confusion,” he said, adding that a lack of federal enforcement “allows bad actors to sell noncompliant products” to consumers who may be unable to tell the difference between an energy-efficient bulb and one that isn’t.

The new law blocks the Energy Department from enforcing efficiency standards, but it does not prevent states from enforcing their own standards.

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, called the light-bulb provision “an early Christmas present for all Americans” and said it strikes a blow against expensive fluorescents that he said are not as reliable as the old-style incandescents that have changed little since Thomas Edison’s day.

“This means Americans can continue to flip the switch on an affordable and reliable product, instead of turning to one that costs five times more and may not live up to manufacturers’ promises,” said Barton, a former House Energy chairman who opposed the 2007 law and has worked to overturn it ever since.

Jim Presswood, federal energy policy director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group, called the GOP-backed delay dimwitted.

“It’s just a completely ridiculous move by Congress,” Presswood said. “It undermines the ability of the Energy Department to enforce standards that are going to give consumers tremendous savings as well as reduce pollution.”

Follow Matthew Daly’s energy coverage at


I had heard about this regulation and finally took the time to check into it.  Needless to say I was not the happiest of campers to read it.  It actually spurred me to action and I wrote my Congressman for the first time.

Dear Mr Ross:

I was just reading where the Light Bulb Law was extended to October and I want to encourage you and other lawmakers to please stop this regulation from ever taking effect.

The so-called curlicue or pigtail light bulb maybe or may not be more efficient or last longer, but my concern is cost.  I can afford a 4 pack of bulbs for about $1 but I cannot afford 1 light bulb for $3 when I need light.  The new ones also are not as bright and therefore I, for one, cannot see as well.

The new ones are mainly made overseas, losing jobs to Americans when we need to be stimulating the economy and making jobs here.  Instead this will cause yet more layoffs and more unemployed persons.

My biggest concerns are the materials in the new ‘efficient’ light bulbs.  Children, adults and pets do not need to be exposed to mercury.  We have bans on eating fish from certain fish in the State of Arkansas because of mercury content in the water, and yet we are being forced by intrusive government to put mercury filled light bulbs that can (and you know will) break, releasing toxins into our homes.  What happens when the first baby gets ill from mercury due to a poor clean up job after a break?  I see lawsuits clogging up our already slow system.  And who cleans up mercury spills?  Hazmat teams?  Can the average American afford that?

The only reason this is an issue is because someone out there wants to make a large profit by making everyone buy these light bulbs.  They have been on the market for years and those that truly want them are buying them, and those that cannot afford them or do not like their poor lighting qualities or their look or whatever should not be forced to buy them.

Meanwhile…I think I will need to start stockpiling regular incandescent light bulbs and/or candles.  One because I like the lights better and two because I’m tired of being forced to do things in our free society.

So I ask you to please stand up for us Arkansans and stop this ridiculous regulation.




Am I the only one that is tired of the government forcing us to do things, buy things, etc just to justify their pocketbook?  They are probably all waiting for the stock prices to jump and fall due to this change in October–and are only upset because they will have to wait 10 more months for that to happen.

Do we really want foreign made light bulbs that cost 3-4 times more than American made bulbs?  Do we want light bulbs that can break and spread mercury into our homes, posing a danger to adults and children and pets?

Why is this even an issue?  Sell both bulbs.  Let everyone choose which light they want.  So what if I have to change my bulbs more often, it should be my choice.   And as for pollution or whatever else the government wants to throw up in our face as to why we need to fire hundreds of people and increase our unemployment, we need to remember that where ever the new mercury filled bulbs are made is also polluting the earth, it’s just not in our borders.

Contact your Congressmen and Senators.   Maybe they will hear our voices.  And remember, their employment contracts are due for renewal in November.  VOTE!





and here is Mike Ross’s response:


Dear Friend:


Thank you for contacting me.  I appreciate hearing from you.


As you may know, President George W. Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (P.L. 110-140) into law on December 19, 2007, which set new performance standards for many common light bulbs.  The legislation requires a 25-30 percent increase in the energy efficiency of typical light bulbs beginning in 2012 and greater improvements are required starting in 2020.


I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this issue with me. Despite the many rumors, there is no current or future ban on incandescent bulbs.  The law simply states that incandescent bulbs should be 30 percent more energy efficient beginning in 2012.  It does not require consumers to purchase any specific type of bulb, nor does it ban any type of light bulb.


I support increased energy efficiency that will save families and businesses money by lowering their energy bills.  The efficiency standards also help reduce the strain on our nation’s electrical grid preventing blackouts and brownouts, especially during summer months when energy demand is at its strongest.


The incandescent light bulb is not only not banned, it has been improved and is now more energy efficient than ever.  Most importantly, the incandescent light bulb will remain available to American consumers for years to come.


Thank you again for contacting me.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future.



Mike Ross


I wish he had used my name, but at least he or one of his staff members took the time to answer.  More than I expected.  But at least my voice was heard.




what?? no balls allowed!??


TORONTO –  A Toronto school angered students and parents when it banned soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, tennis balls and volleyballs from the school grounds, the Toronto Star reported.

Students at Earl Beatty Public School were sent home carrying letters stating that nobody could bring any of the balls to the junior and senior schools after a “few serious incidents” in which staff and students were struck in the playground.

The temporary ban means only Nerf balls or sponge balls can be used by students at the school for now.

School trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher told the newspaper that the most serious incident involved a parent who was hit in the head by a soccer ball, suffering a concussion.

“I think the principal is reacting in a rational way. You don’t want anyone to be injured,” she said.

But some parents and students object to the ban, arguing that it is excessive.

Chris Stateski said his six-year-old son Jacob was “crushed” when he learned about the ban.

“He [Jacob] said, ‘Daddy, what am I going to do with all my friends?’ He wanted to change schools,” Stateski said.

Anna Caputo, a communications officer at the Toronto District School Board, said the ban was temporary and that the school would monitor the situation closely.

“It’s a small playground and 350 students are playing in that playground. There’s also a daycare [center on the site] so there are a lot of small children and parents going in to pick up the children,” she said.

When I first heard this story all I could think of was—and this from the same type of people who keep crying out that kids are too lazy and fat.  So let’s take their balls away that give them exercise and a sense of team play, both of which give them physical and mental health.
I can see in a few years we’ll have the NFL -Nerf Football League.  No need for helmets and pads, no need for medical teams, except for simple first aid kits.
I sometimes think that the so-called experts are confused and therefore sending mixed messages.  They tell children that they are fat and lazy.  They then take away sports that they could get hurt in.  Or maybe they are just preparing them for the padded cells we will all need to ‘protect ourselves.’
It sounds to me that the school needs to better organize their playground.  Put the ball fields farther from the traffic and the daycare.   Maybe post signs that people should be aware of dangerous balls in the area.
Kids need to run.  Kids needs to play.  Many sports have balls…that’s why we pay billions every year to watch sports–be it taking little Johnny to his baseball game or watching the professionals play bocce at the local pub or watch football in our living rooms.
Either that or the gymnastics and track teams are going to get larger.  But then again, this is Toronto—I wonder what would be done if someone got hit with a puck?  Maybe it’s a good thing the school doesn’t have a hockey rink!
We are raising a generation of kids that will be the most weight conscious hermits we could imagine.  People are afraid to be in crowds because of the flu or other disease that might be out there.  We tell our kids constantly through TV, magazines, etc that they are doomed to thousands of diseases if they don’t eat right, exercise right or do whatever the next government edict is.  We tell the kids that the computer has it all and teach them games that they can’t get hurt on, except maybe carpal tunnel.  Who needs a dance or sporting event when you can Skype?
We need to teach our kids to live.  We need to teach them human interaction is a good thing.  We need to teach them that yes, you can get hurt but you can also get better.  We need to teach them that sometimes you just have to decide for yourself and follow your dreams.
And schools need to let kids burn off stream.  Kids have a great energy that sitting still just builds up.  As adults, we need to learn from kids that running around stimulates the brain and the body, clears out cobwebs, and gives a better sense of self.  So stop taking their balls away and let them play, let them dream, and let them just be kids for a little bit.

Veteran’s Day 11-11-11


Today we honor those who have served or are serving our country. The first Veteran’s Day, formerly called Remembrance Day, was to honor those veterans of World War I…later it was changed to Veteran’s Day after World War II.



In other countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, poppies are placed on the graves of the fallen or worn by the living to show their gratefulness.

Since 11/11/1918 we have fought World War II, the Korean Police Action, the VietNam War, Desert Storm, the War on Drugs and the current War on Terror. It doesn’t matter the name. It doesn’t matter the place. It doesn’t matter the era. What matters is that moms and dads, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, children and friends have fought, gone off to fight, or have trained to fight to preserve what this country stands for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We salute these brave men and women and remember that all gave some and some gave all. Along with our allies we have defended our country’s honor and brought to it the freedoms our forefathers dreamed of.


They have lost battles and won wars. They have served in the Arctic cold and the hot desert. They have guarded the Land, the Sea and the Air. They have done what we didn’t do for ourselves: put their lives on the line for the rest of us.

And so at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we remember. We remember the men and women and their families. We wear our red, white and blue or the poppy to remember and honor those that have fallen and those that survived. We should thank our Veteran’s. We should honor our Veteran’s. And most of all, We should teach our children about our Veteran’s.

It shouldn’t matter if we agree with the reasons they went off to war. It shouldn’t matter if they won or lost. It shouldn’t matter if it was politically correct. What does matter is that they did as their country asked. 

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. And so I pray God blesses our soldiers, our veterans, their families and friends. Let freedom ring! For we are the home of the free because of the brave.


Freedom isn’t Free! Support our Troops!!

has it really been 3 weeks?


so many things have happened over the last month…

Bill and I adopted a baby girl from the Morning Meadow Animal Rescue. Katana Ana was rescued when her former owner turned her and 2 others into the street as he ran from the police. We were able to pick her up 2 days after she had been spayed and sadly 1 day after her new pen mate gave her fleas and ticks. Needless to say Daddy gave her a good bath immediately upon entering the house.

We call her Tana…and she has added a whole new dimension to our lives. She is a Chihuahua mix that makes her think she owns the place. She has made the boys move out of her way and made them play when they really didn’t want to.

We also bought a new faucet for our Master bathroom. Bill assured me that he could change it out…I was not so sure. The faucet is more than what I thought when we bought it….it looks fantastic! And it swivels (who woulda thunk that!) Bill did break the trap pipe, and of course the hardware store was closed. But he was not to be daunted in his task and found some JB Weld to fix the break until it could be replaced. It worked great and he did an excellent job!

Now he is going to replace the kitchen faucet and the disposer. The disposer broke down a few weeks ago and I miss it. So we bought a new one. The plumber had suggested that we not replace it, but I know that that was one of the first questions I had when I bought this house. Bill is installing the In-sink-erator now. He’s a good man.

We also bought each of the boys a Dogloo….think igloo for dogs. I figured plastic would be better than wood, since Dieter thinks all wood should be toothpicks. They are very spacious…and we put rugs and blankets in both of them to keep them warm and comfy.

One of the reasons we went ahead and spent money we didn’t really have on the Dogloos was because of Tana and her accident. We have a dog run and we were keeping her outside, but in the dog run to keep her from the boys who weren’t quite ready for her. Well on the 4th day of the pen, it was 70 degrees and the rain of earlier had stopped. About 2 hours later, I got a call at work from Paula of the Animal Rescue stating that she was at my house.

Apparently, my neighbor had called the police who called MMAR stating that 3 dogs were in distress. She told me that when she got here, Tana had gotten her head stuck in the fence and was strangling herself. She went on to lecture me on the conditions of the dog pen. It had started raining again and the the temperature had dropped, and that there was no where for little Miss Tana to go. I’m sorry, she’s a dog with fur and the boys never seemed to mind. My problem was in that I forgot she was a small dog and it probably was a bit too cold for her.

What made me mad was that technically, my name is not on any ownership papers for Tana…Bill’s is. And yet it was me that they called and lectured. I put her in the house and she has become our little house dog. She is closed out of the carpeted areas when we are gone and she seems to be the Queen of her Castle.

Bill, the new Daddy, got worried about his little girl being inside at 3 and came home to check on her at 3:30pm. All was fine, and he let her out and checked on the boys. All was good.

When I arrived home at 4:30pm, imagine my surprise when Dieter came to meet me at the car. Confused at how he got out, I went straight to the backyard to check on his tie out. It was laying there as if someone had unhooked him and let him run. This is not making me happy after the call earlier in the day.

And so the next day, Mandy of the rescue pulled up just as I walked into the house and let Tana out. I was checking on the boys and Tana as they played and realized that my back gate was open a little. Mandy saw the same thing. So I went to close the gate and receive my 2nd lecture on the events of the day before. It amazed me how she knew what a sweetheart Dieter was. And didn’t seem surprised that Dieter had been let loose. She questioned and prodded and made me feel like an idiot for putting Tana in the dog pen. Ironically the picture of Tana that stole Bill’s heart, was of Tana in a similar pen with identical cyclone fencing.

She also thought I was mean I guess that my boys did not have doghouses. And so now they do. They have yet to use them. Dieter only got into one of them once because Bill went in and coaxed him in with treats.

In any case, I am tired of being watched by people. I am tired of having my dogs messed with. I am tired of wondering who is getting into my storage shed in the back yard. Now there is a bright shiny new lock on the back gate. There is now barbed wire at the boys’ escape hole. And soon, SMILE because you will be on candid camera.

I also was able to get my eyes checked…my first diabetic eye exam. New glasses with larger lenses and more variations in magnification. I can see again! And the doctor’s office was kind enough to mail them to me since his office is an hour away.

But I digress. We have had a great month. New pillows. New shower curtain. New sheets. New comforter. And through it all, Bill and I have just grown closer.

And with the adoption of our new little girl, it is like our family is complete. And with each new thing, the house is becoming more and more ours…not just mine. And that’s a good thing.