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has it really been 3 weeks?


so many things have happened over the last month…

Bill and I adopted a baby girl from the Morning Meadow Animal Rescue. Katana Ana was rescued when her former owner turned her and 2 others into the street as he ran from the police. We were able to pick her up 2 days after she had been spayed and sadly 1 day after her new pen mate gave her fleas and ticks. Needless to say Daddy gave her a good bath immediately upon entering the house.

We call her Tana…and she has added a whole new dimension to our lives. She is a Chihuahua mix that makes her think she owns the place. She has made the boys move out of her way and made them play when they really didn’t want to.

We also bought a new faucet for our Master bathroom. Bill assured me that he could change it out…I was not so sure. The faucet is more than what I thought when we bought it….it looks fantastic! And it swivels (who woulda thunk that!) Bill did break the trap pipe, and of course the hardware store was closed. But he was not to be daunted in his task and found some JB Weld to fix the break until it could be replaced. It worked great and he did an excellent job!

Now he is going to replace the kitchen faucet and the disposer. The disposer broke down a few weeks ago and I miss it. So we bought a new one. The plumber had suggested that we not replace it, but I know that that was one of the first questions I had when I bought this house. Bill is installing the In-sink-erator now. He’s a good man.

We also bought each of the boys a Dogloo….think igloo for dogs. I figured plastic would be better than wood, since Dieter thinks all wood should be toothpicks. They are very spacious…and we put rugs and blankets in both of them to keep them warm and comfy.

One of the reasons we went ahead and spent money we didn’t really have on the Dogloos was because of Tana and her accident. We have a dog run and we were keeping her outside, but in the dog run to keep her from the boys who weren’t quite ready for her. Well on the 4th day of the pen, it was 70 degrees and the rain of earlier had stopped. About 2 hours later, I got a call at work from Paula of the Animal Rescue stating that she was at my house.

Apparently, my neighbor had called the police who called MMAR stating that 3 dogs were in distress. She told me that when she got here, Tana had gotten her head stuck in the fence and was strangling herself. She went on to lecture me on the conditions of the dog pen. It had started raining again and the the temperature had dropped, and that there was no where for little Miss Tana to go. I’m sorry, she’s a dog with fur and the boys never seemed to mind. My problem was in that I forgot she was a small dog and it probably was a bit too cold for her.

What made me mad was that technically, my name is not on any ownership papers for Tana…Bill’s is. And yet it was me that they called and lectured. I put her in the house and she has become our little house dog. She is closed out of the carpeted areas when we are gone and she seems to be the Queen of her Castle.

Bill, the new Daddy, got worried about his little girl being inside at 3 and came home to check on her at 3:30pm. All was fine, and he let her out and checked on the boys. All was good.

When I arrived home at 4:30pm, imagine my surprise when Dieter came to meet me at the car. Confused at how he got out, I went straight to the backyard to check on his tie out. It was laying there as if someone had unhooked him and let him run. This is not making me happy after the call earlier in the day.

And so the next day, Mandy of the rescue pulled up just as I walked into the house and let Tana out. I was checking on the boys and Tana as they played and realized that my back gate was open a little. Mandy saw the same thing. So I went to close the gate and receive my 2nd lecture on the events of the day before. It amazed me how she knew what a sweetheart Dieter was. And didn’t seem surprised that Dieter had been let loose. She questioned and prodded and made me feel like an idiot for putting Tana in the dog pen. Ironically the picture of Tana that stole Bill’s heart, was of Tana in a similar pen with identical cyclone fencing.

She also thought I was mean I guess that my boys did not have doghouses. And so now they do. They have yet to use them. Dieter only got into one of them once because Bill went in and coaxed him in with treats.

In any case, I am tired of being watched by people. I am tired of having my dogs messed with. I am tired of wondering who is getting into my storage shed in the back yard. Now there is a bright shiny new lock on the back gate. There is now barbed wire at the boys’ escape hole. And soon, SMILE because you will be on candid camera.

I also was able to get my eyes checked…my first diabetic eye exam. New glasses with larger lenses and more variations in magnification. I can see again! And the doctor’s office was kind enough to mail them to me since his office is an hour away.

But I digress. We have had a great month. New pillows. New shower curtain. New sheets. New comforter. And through it all, Bill and I have just grown closer.

And with the adoption of our new little girl, it is like our family is complete. And with each new thing, the house is becoming more and more ours…not just mine. And that’s a good thing.