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Christmas–the Celebration of Christ



Christmas, that time of year when people go crazy about giving gifts and partying.  And somewhere, somehow the true meaning of the Day gets lost in the shuffle.

It’s not about the things we give to each other, nor the cards we send.  It’s not about the decorations on the tree or the house, nor is it about stockings and candy.

It is about a God who loved his creations so much, that He sent his only Son to earth to live with us, to teach us, and to eventually die for us.  It’s about a woman, Mary,  young and unwed that had the courage to say yes when Gabriel came to announce that she would bear a child without knowing man.  It’s about a man who believed this woman and stood by her.  It’s about her family who took care of her and saw her married to Joseph.

It’s about 9 months of watching her cousin, Elizabeth, and her child John, and learning from her.  It’s about God’s plan for these 2 boys, John and Jesus–one to prepare the way for the other decades later.

There are arguments as to whether he was born in a manger in a stable or if he was born in a house.  There are arguments as to when he was born, some say spring, others say winter.  And to me, it really doesn’t matter.  What matters to me is…..he was born of a virgin as the prophecies foretold.  He was born; he didn’t fall from the sky, he was not trained and ordained.  He was sent to be born and live as one of us…part of mankind.

This time of year sends people into a frenzy as to where to go, who to see, for how long and what will the kids think if they don’t get what they wanted for Christmas.  And unlike the decorations, cards, gifts, and other memorabilia of the season, Christ Jesus remains.  Everyday, all day, for eternity.

A nephew of mine mentioned in a Facebook post that at the age of 23 going on 50 that he couldn’t think of anything he wanted to receive, instead he came up with many reasons to give.  He mentioned the child without life’s necessities and the lonely elders, the homeless men and women, and the deployed military troops.

And then there is my sister.  She is the mother of 13 children (12 living now) spanning 2 decades.  She spends her days taking her children where they need to be; taking care of her husband; taking care of her home; and giving her time and energies to those who need help.  She has a great faith and trusts in the Lord to see her through the days and nights.  She trusts in Jesus Christ to provide for her family’s needs.  And to her, Jesus is the reason for the Season.

She rarely has the funds to give her children a little extra here or there, but she does her best to get each one something they want and not just what they need during this time.  And even times like this year when due to an insurance error that took all of her money for gifts, she is making the best of it.  Her husband at her side supporting her to do what she does best–making a dollar buy more than any woman I know.  But she knows it is not the gifts, but the birth of her Savior that is the reason for this Season.

My friend Chris is another example of knowing that it is people, not material goods that mean the most.  When hearing what happened to my sister, she went into high gear to send some funding to try to help.  She also enlisted the help of her friends and family to help my sister.  This is the meaning of Christmas–giving to others.

It’s about being like Christ.  Human beings teaching, giving, and loving others as Christ Himself taught, gave and loved.   It is remembering that this season is not about ribbons and bows, dinners and drinks, gifts and decorations  It is remembering that this season is about in the darkest of days, there is a light that came into this world, and His name is Jesus, Immanuel, God is with Us.

Have a very merry Christmas, and may the Christ, the Messiah, Jesus our Lord bless each and every one of you with the mercies and graces that only He can give us.