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It has always amazed me the way people choose their mode of transportation.

People walk or run for a variety reasons from achieving a destination while exercising to lack of wheels with no other choice.  Some people ride bikes or skateboards.  But let’s face it, the vast majority use a motorized vehicle of some sort.

I have a minivan.  I bought it years ago, used.  It was in fantastic condition.  I had had one years before that, also used that was great.  That’s why I wanted another one.  My 1981 Impala had been stolen and so-called totaled.  I still say they could have fixed it!

The minivan was not and is not my first choice for a vehicle.  It was chosen as a compromise.  I wanted something big enough to carry everything I wanted, be comfortable on trips, have room for my dogs, and yet small enough to be economical.  I also wanted something that would not make my insurance payments go through the roof.

If the previous owner not traded on that particular day, then I wouldn’t have the minivan I have.  I got it at a bargain price.  The dealer sold it to me for the same amount that they had given in trade in value, when the preacher traded it in for something else.  I Blue Booked it afterward and learned they could have sold it for almost $10,000 more!

It was up-to-date for its time.  It has an AM/FM/CD player in it.  What else could anyone want? It has 4 ‘captain’ chairs and 1 bench seat, and they are all interchangeable.  I thought I had bought the dream.  And now almost 10 years later…I KNOW I have the dream.

This minivan has taken me to work and shopping; out to eat with friends; out to the movies with my nieces and nephews; on vacations; to trips to my mom’s and sisters’ home; and most importantly, my home.

I have had to have some work on this dream vehicle.  A tie rod here, a battery there, a water pump, a filter, and of course, the usual maintenance.  In talking to its most recent mechanic, I have learned that this make/model is one of the best ever made.  (It is no longer made.)  Its weak point is the intake manifold.  And tomorrow, my van will have its intake manifold replaced.  Along with some other things checked and replaced/repaired.

I was keep thinking about trading it in, because it still has a good Blue Book value.  But I just can’t seem to get serious about it.  It was hit by a log truck, and protected me.  It performed 360’s on the ice landing in a ditch, and still ran like nothing happened.  It holds so many memories!  It has lasted longer than 3 boyfriends.  And it still gets 27-28 mpg!

And so I think that after this trip to the hospital and a possible second trip for a gas guage/tank/module, I think I am going to have to update the stereo system.   I think that’s all it needs.

Let the Dream keep running….and I’ll keep singing that song by Willie: On the Road Again….