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Happy New Year!


Isn’t it amazing how from childhood on we look forward to Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever holiday garners us gifts of things we would normally just dream of and desire. We start making our wish lists the day after the last Big Day and dream of what we want and need Santa or parents or grandparents or boyfriends or girlfriends to bring us.

We dream of that day more than any other day of the year…I would almost venture to guess more than a Birthday, Wedding Day, or Graduation Day. Yes, those are all Big Days, but none as wonderful as those end of the year, world celebrating days of shopping, parties, and festivities all in the name of that Big Day.

And yet that is just one day. Today is the start of an entire new Year! A year that should be thought of, planned for, and enjoyed as much as that one Big Day. We have a year of birthdays of our friends and family and coworkers. But we should be planning for our own birthday. What do we expect in our new ‘age’ and what role does it play in the grand scheme of our lives?

We have an entire year of weddings, anniversaries, and other special events that we ourselves will celebrate or our friends and families. What a great time to just sit back and think of the fun and festivities we have celebrated in the past and what we can do this year to make that day special.

And most of all, think about all those days in between those Big Days. The ordinary days when we wake up and live our lives by going to work, looking for work, cleaning house, taking care of children, taking care of parents, going to school, taking care of pets, etc. There is a joy in those ordinary days if you think about it.

We are alive to enjoy it–good bad or indifferent. We are in this world and our actions or inactions effect everyone. That call you meant to make could put a smile on your mom’s face. Those flowers you meant to send just might make a sick friend feel better. That card you meant to send could be what makes someone realize they are not alone. Simple acts–big results.

And so as we start this new year, think of your big and little days and rejoice that we can enjoy them. I leave you with a poem my mom gave me long ago when I was a child. It was given to her by a teacher of hers in her boarding school when she was very young. So Sister Declan, thank you:

I wish you wealth
I wish you health
I wish you gold in store
I wish you heaven here on earth
What could I wish you more?