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Land of the Drones? and I don’t mean bees……….


The United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave. Has it now become the Land of the Drone?

Drones are worker bees, serving their queen until she died and a new queen would begin her reign. And now our ever so clever Congress has decided that America should have drones of another sort serving her.

Drones: unmanned flying machines that are mainly used for military purposes during war to spy on the enemy and/or to carry attack weapons.
And it seems that the American people need to be spied on under the guise of the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and whatever else they would like to throw into the pot. But the basic premise is to watch the activities of the people of America.

U.S. Skies Could See More Drones discusses the passage of the bill and the response of the pilots and their unions. Can you imagine the possible air collisions due to drones and aircraft?

Do we need more objects flying overhead, especially near busy or congested cities? Is this the next phase in becoming exactly what we despised in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and other communist countries like Cuba, East Germany, etc. We are no longer the Land of the Free—we are the Land of the Watched.

We wouldn’t need drones flying over our borders if we could just hire (what? make jobs available for Americans? wow…that might help the economy, so we can’t have that!) more border patrols. We could actually deport those that arrive illegally.

Why do we need these drones? To check traffic? To give better video to police chases? To be a bigger nuisance in our skies? Perhaps so…but it is still watching Americans. And who will control these flying objects of nuisance? The government.

The same people who are trying to tell us what to eat, what to buy, what to wear, what to drive, what to grow, where to live, how much we should be paid, and run by the very people who put themselves above all of the laws they write. We are forced to be guinea pigs in their social experiments and health advisories, and yet they give themselves the best of the best care while denying it to us. Do you think for one minute that if they or their loved one needed an MRI that they would have to beg the insurance company or the government to let them have one? Hell no!

Do you think that if their child was overweight that that child would be taken away by the courts? Hell no!
Do you think that if they didn’t pay their taxes that they would be fined and penalized? Hell no! (Look at Tim Geitner—he’s in charge and he didn’t pay taxes!)

But I digress. The fact is that Americans are being dumbed down through the school systems and the government is allowing it so that they can continue to take more and more freedoms away from us. We are becoming the socialized societies that control most of Europe and is spreading to other countries around us. Even Canada has socialized medicine.

Drones will be more nanny devices to see who is doing what and where so that laws and information can be formed and gathered to curtail the American people. We the people need to remember to VOTE in and VOTE out those that want to take our liberties away.

One of my biggest questions I had while I read this article was: how much did those Congressmen get in kickbacks for this bill?

I’m beginning to think that when deals like this are made, we the taxpayer should get a portion of that kickback. Instead we just get the bills to pay for it.

I hope the pilots win….afterall they will be the ones blamed when something goes wrong. We already have problems of planes of all shapes and sizes along with helicopters, hot air balloons and other things floating in the air. Not to mention the occasional SkyLab falling or UFO sighting.

I’m all for security….but I do think that drones are not the answer. Too many chances for overstepping personal privacy and spying on innocent Americans.



I read an article today….and i just had to think…what is wrong with adults and parents today???


The government has approved microchipping kids today so that we know where they are and what they are presumably doing there.  Is that like advertizing to paedophiles?  Hey my kid is at the zoo…go for it!  How ridiculous!

Maybe I am just too old, but what happened to parents being with their kids?  Or parents knowing who their children are with?  We act like kids are property that we don’t worry about.  I bet you know where your car is.  Or your boat.  I bet you even know where your favorite piece of jewelry is.  So why don’t we know how to track our children without relying on technology?

What is really scary is that the FDA has approved them.  Just like all the other medicines that are being recalled for causing some horrific side effect that was kept quiet until it couldn’t be anymore.

I almost understand tracking pets, and even that is not as safe as some would like you to believe.   But does that mean that our children are pets?

I see these microchips as just the beginning of ‘the mark of the beast’ that is talked about in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible.  OK, fine, yes I am a Christian who believes that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God.  Too much of it is true for me to doubt that the rest is also true and has or will happen.

Are you going to line up to get microchipped?  If they are starting in kids, don’t you think they will soon get to adults?  Soon granny can be watched on the Internet with excuses like, she has Alzheimer’s.  Or maybe we can track grandpa as he goes shopping to get groceries.  Or perhaps we can microchip our significant others to make sure they aren’t stepping out on us.   I’m sure if we think hard enough we can come up with hundreds of reasons to track others.

But do we ourselves want to be tracked?  Do you want others knowing that you went to the woods for a walk when you should be somewhere else?  Do you want your boss to be able to track you when you called out sick because you really wanted to go to the ballgame?  Do you want to give up that privacy?

I don’t.  And I don’t trust the government or anyone to track me out of the goodness of their hearts.  I’m telling you…there is a reason they want to know our every movement.  And it only starts with pets, children and soon you!