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Contraception: UK Style


Contraception UK style seems to be what Obamacare would want for our children too…in secret out of the sight of parental rights and concerns.

After I read the article from the United Kingdom, my first question was: did the girls even understand what was happening? Did they understand that this implant would last for years? That this implant could cause other serious medical problems? Are 13 year old girls ready to take on the consequences that seem to be forced upon them from the government? And what about the possible problems when they do decide to have children?

But my biggest outrage was that the government made the decision for the girls, the parents and the future generations that these girls will bring forth….if they can.

This story reminded me of so many things that have happened and are slated to happen in the world and in our own USA. First, it reminded me of an article I read about the World Health Organization giving tetanus shots to girls in mostly Catholic countries such as the Philippines, Venezuela, and others. They told the woman and girls that it was a series of 3 injections that needed to be given at certain intervals.

a) Tetanus shots are a single injection given every 10 years
b) It was later learned that the WHO had decided that there was too much of a population explosion in those countries and so with lies and sterilizing medications, they pharmaceutically sterilized thousands of girls from 9 to 30.

So there’s a generation changed for a few countries. And those women had no clue what these outsiders had just done to their customs, their lives, their futures.

And then we have the universal health care of the Europe that the United States is salivating to have as well. A plan called the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act also known as Obamacare. There is already controversy over many of the provisions….contraception for starters. PPACA wants those of faith to abandon or forget their morals and beliefs to bow down and accept a health plan that contradicts their beliefs.

Instead of backing off from forcing contraception coverage onto those whose beliefs or morals run counter to PPACA, President Obama opted to go with forcing insurance companies to get contraception to the people. That will just raise the rates of the insurance coverage and/or the taxpayer will once again be forced to pay for things that they do not believe in nor want.

Believe it or not there are some people who have morals, convictions and beliefs within and without of a religious community. There are those that are opposed to contraception, abortion, and laws that force them upon people, especially those that are not able to yet understand the consequences of those actions.

PPACA, Obamacare, Socialized Medicine, Universal Healthcare is all about controlling the lives of those it covers. They, those appointed by its controllers (the government), decide who will get what services and when. There have been hundreds of examples of how that works in other countries. Those countries have higher taxes and their people have more dependence on the government for their health. There are stories of doctors drinking through lunch with patients on the operating table waiting for their return. Normally, that would mean lawsuits and other such hazard warnings, but in Socialized countries, it IS the norm. Either way, I thought that the home of the free would mean that we could choose what doctor we saw and when.

We have social programs in place and perhaps they need to be beefed up to meet more needs of more people. But we the taxpayers are already screaming at the high taxes. Listen…it is going to get worse with Obamacare. We will be paying for every surgery–elective and not–when it is fully implemented. We will pay for those things that make sense and those things that don’t. Everyone wants to think that it will be wonderful and altruistic, but it will really be expensive, time consuming, and opens the door for all sorts of abuse.

And don’t forget–the ones shoving it down our throats are the very ones that will NOT be covered by it. Those Congressional Hillbillies will be sitting pretty with their Cadillac plan (as they like to call it) that will get them better doctors, hospitals and quicker service.

But for now ….just think about those 13 year old girls now protected against pregnancy for who know how long, and not knowing the side effects or if there will be any permanent damage to their future. It won’t stop the activity that could get them pregnant–in fact it might hasten it. And then think about your daughter, your niece, your friends…..

Is this what we want? ………………

…………………..I say NO!

what?? no balls allowed!??


TORONTO –  A Toronto school angered students and parents when it banned soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, tennis balls and volleyballs from the school grounds, the Toronto Star reported.

Students at Earl Beatty Public School were sent home carrying letters stating that nobody could bring any of the balls to the junior and senior schools after a “few serious incidents” in which staff and students were struck in the playground.

The temporary ban means only Nerf balls or sponge balls can be used by students at the school for now.

School trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher told the newspaper that the most serious incident involved a parent who was hit in the head by a soccer ball, suffering a concussion.

“I think the principal is reacting in a rational way. You don’t want anyone to be injured,” she said.

But some parents and students object to the ban, arguing that it is excessive.

Chris Stateski said his six-year-old son Jacob was “crushed” when he learned about the ban.

“He [Jacob] said, ‘Daddy, what am I going to do with all my friends?’ He wanted to change schools,” Stateski said.

Anna Caputo, a communications officer at the Toronto District School Board, said the ban was temporary and that the school would monitor the situation closely.

“It’s a small playground and 350 students are playing in that playground. There’s also a daycare [center on the site] so there are a lot of small children and parents going in to pick up the children,” she said.

When I first heard this story all I could think of was—and this from the same type of people who keep crying out that kids are too lazy and fat.  So let’s take their balls away that give them exercise and a sense of team play, both of which give them physical and mental health.
I can see in a few years we’ll have the NFL -Nerf Football League.  No need for helmets and pads, no need for medical teams, except for simple first aid kits.
I sometimes think that the so-called experts are confused and therefore sending mixed messages.  They tell children that they are fat and lazy.  They then take away sports that they could get hurt in.  Or maybe they are just preparing them for the padded cells we will all need to ‘protect ourselves.’
It sounds to me that the school needs to better organize their playground.  Put the ball fields farther from the traffic and the daycare.   Maybe post signs that people should be aware of dangerous balls in the area.
Kids need to run.  Kids needs to play.  Many sports have balls…that’s why we pay billions every year to watch sports–be it taking little Johnny to his baseball game or watching the professionals play bocce at the local pub or watch football in our living rooms.
Either that or the gymnastics and track teams are going to get larger.  But then again, this is Toronto—I wonder what would be done if someone got hit with a puck?  Maybe it’s a good thing the school doesn’t have a hockey rink!
We are raising a generation of kids that will be the most weight conscious hermits we could imagine.  People are afraid to be in crowds because of the flu or other disease that might be out there.  We tell our kids constantly through TV, magazines, etc that they are doomed to thousands of diseases if they don’t eat right, exercise right or do whatever the next government edict is.  We tell the kids that the computer has it all and teach them games that they can’t get hurt on, except maybe carpal tunnel.  Who needs a dance or sporting event when you can Skype?
We need to teach our kids to live.  We need to teach them human interaction is a good thing.  We need to teach them that yes, you can get hurt but you can also get better.  We need to teach them that sometimes you just have to decide for yourself and follow your dreams.
And schools need to let kids burn off stream.  Kids have a great energy that sitting still just builds up.  As adults, we need to learn from kids that running around stimulates the brain and the body, clears out cobwebs, and gives a better sense of self.  So stop taking their balls away and let them play, let them dream, and let them just be kids for a little bit.